About us

We have identified a need in the football community for specific final third training. This has become increasingly apparent at all levels of Football in Australia, with players struggling to contribute in the area of the park that matters most. There is a real neglect when it comes to goal scoring focus at training for so many players. This is in the most crucial of areas and it is what wins teams’ games

The ability to find space, show composure, decision making, technique when striking the ball and body positioning are all important factors that are not addressed enough in current curriculum based training sessions with Clubs and Academies. We will be the first specialised organisation to address these skill bases while also complimenting our sessions with a goalkeeping training that will give goalkeepers an intense specific style of training. What better opportunity for keepers to learn than in specific goal area focused sessions?

Our Pathways

We are extremely excited by what we have put together in our business model. Scott and I (Dean) will be opening up learning and pathway opportunities for all football players in our region. It has been a few years in the making, but now the time is right to proceed and give our players the opportunities they deserve.

Due to the unique nature of what we are doing, players will become smarter, more confident and clinical footballers. What is even more exciting is that opportunities will be created for players and possible contracts overseas. Scott Chipperfield is a registered talent identification representative for Clubs in Europe, so this will be one of the only training academies that can create genuine opportunities for players, to experience and possibly to earn a professional contract in Europe. Not many organisations in Australia can claim to do the same. 

From next year onwards, we will be looking at a scholarship scheme where a player from Chippers Finishing School will earn the right for a trial in Europe. That will be the culmination of all the efforts from players throughout our clinics and Academies. More importantly, we will be following the progress of all Chippers Finishing School representatives from Club Land. We will be offering feedback and dialogue opportunities to help improve all of our players performances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and promote a pathway that allows all children to develop their skill and love for the game through the art of scoring goals, in effect fulfilling their passion for and understanding of Football (Soccer).

Our Vision

Chippers Finishing Schools’ vision is to be the outstanding regional developer of goal scorers in Australia. The art of goal scoring is not only the responsibility of strikers but all players on the park. Through high quality coaching, players will learn the appropriate skills, tactics and strategies to become a vital goal scorer, at all levels of football.